Next Generation Ford Fiesta As Rendered by AutoBild

Fiesta means party and AutoBild decided it didn't want to wait for the next generation Ford Fiesta to arrive before they shared what it will look like with readers. Being impatient, they rendered one based on previous Ford Fiesta spy shots like these. What we end up with is something a lot bulgier looking than the … » 2/04/08 1:15pm 2/04/08 1:15pm

AutoBild Specs the Upcoming Volkswagen "Scirocco" Coupe

Those spec artists at Germany's AutoBild, usually fed information by industry spies, have posted several renderings of what Volkswagen's new "Scirocco" coupe (and new VW Cross Golf and Golf wagon) will look like (the same spec shots we reported last week had hit the paper edition). The possibly Portugal-built models… » 12/07/05 10:30am 12/07/05 10:30am