​The Evolution Of Iconic Front Ends Deserve A Spot On Your Wall

I've got a general rule about not writing up Kickstarters, but these prints showing the evolution of GM, Ford, and BMW's front ends in wireframe-style are just too damn good. There's even one for Porsche, which may or may not settle any arguments about Stuttgart's designers taking a 50-year nap. » 2/18/15 9:40pm 2/18/15 9:40pm

Race To The Toilet In Style: Center Lock Toilet Paper Roll

With a new apartment comes a new bathroom. Luckily, I've just found the perfect toilet paper holder for it. An AUTOart CNC-machined aluminum-billet center lock racing toilet paper roll. Anyone want to buy me an early Hanukkah gift? » 12/14/09 9:30am 12/14/09 9:30am