Autocrossing at Night: The Scariest Thing Ever

Yesterday at Cherry Valley Motorsports Park, the Central New York region SCCA held a two-event Autocross day, one event started in the morning, and one started after the sun set. I go to Autocross all the time, but nothing prepared me for autocrossing like this. It was simply insane. Looking ahead, while extremely… » 9/22/14 9:24am 9/22/14 9:24am

Drive and Learn: Bridgestone Horse Track Tire Party

A late season rain storm rolled into sunny Los Angeles a few Fridays ago, just in time for us to go down to the Santa Anita race track and blow our meager earnings on the ponies slide around on wet autocross course set up in the parking lot of the San Gabriel Valley horse track. Only a few journalists were on hand… » 5/03/07 4:30pm 5/03/07 4:30pm