Georges River Auto Extraction Operation on Hiatus

Police divers on the Georges River in Sydney have taken a break after recovering 36 cars dumped in the waterway. New tactics are required to remove the remaining 24 vehicles which are embedded deeper in the mire than a bhat fly in a Peace Corps worker's forehead. 23 of the extracted machines have been confirmed… » 7/13/07 5:15pm 7/13/07 5:15pm

Insurer Wants to Cut Winnipeg Theft

The Handsome Dicks at Manitoba Public Insurance have issued a mandate — if you're a Winnipegger (or commute into the city) and your car is on a list vehicles deemed a theft risk, your policy is toast unless you install a microchip immobilizer in your vehicle's ignition system. The Feds of Canadia are mandating such… » 6/28/07 10:30pm 6/28/07 10:30pm

Jersey Man Horks GPS Units, Now He's Found

A friend of ours who owns a pretty serious exotic IM'd us last night asking advice on shitboxes. She wants a high-mileage econobox as a runabout. We suggested the Fit (as we're loath to recommend the Prius to anyone we like — nobody wants asshole friends, after all), but she was bummed by the lack of satnav. We… » 6/18/07 7:30pm 6/18/07 7:30pm

We Pity The Fool Who Starts Up a Chop Shop

The A-Team take down a chop shop and a crooked used car salesman with extreme prejudice, all in the name of helping out their pal ex-con pal Davey. Face takes one to the, well, er, face, Hannibal turns himself out as a limo-shoppin' rock 'n' roll mogul, B.A. is his usual William Butler Yeatsian self, and Murdock?… » 6/18/07 3:45pm 6/18/07 3:45pm

Camino Lust: Cadillac Escalade EXT is Nation's Most Stolen Vehicle

Another day, another Dan Lienert list in my inbox. Only this time he didn't write it. Wait, that's not fair. Dan wrote the article, but he based it on the findings of the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI). They study all sorts of stuff, including who steals what sort of car and how often. Turns out the the Escalade… » 4/26/07 2:00pm 4/26/07 2:00pm

Grand Theft Southwest: Your Car is Leaving Las Vegas

Why is that cowboy hitching a ride? Because most likely his car's been stolen. Last year, 22,441 vehicles were stolen in and around Las Vegas. Which makes it the #1 place in the USA for such cruel activity. Which somehow makes Oscar Goodman proud. At first blush you might think, "Well, they're close enough to Los… » 4/25/07 3:00pm 4/25/07 3:00pm

Watch Your Doors: Security Snafu Puts Mazda3 Models at Risk

Here's one from the how'd-they-figure-that-out file. It seems a number of Mazda 3 owners in Canada have reported being victims of a super-secret way to get into their cars. Apparently, if you put a large enough dent in the side of a Mazda3, it unlatches the door and fools the computer into thinking the entry's legit.… » 1/19/07 3:53pm 1/19/07 3:53pm