The Cars People Complained About Most in 2014

All cars have trouble, but some are definitely worse than others. The Center for Auto Safety calculated the cars people complain about the most, so you might want to steer clear of them, so to speak. » 10/12/14 9:29am 10/12/14 9:29am

The Preventive Maintenance You Need to Do On Your Car (and When)

Regular preventive maintenance is probably the single thing you can do as a car owner to keep your ride happy and save money on repairs in the future. However, not everyone agrees on what preventive maintenance is, what you should do, and when you should do it. Let's clear that up, and give you some tips that'll apply… » 9/26/13 9:21am 9/26/13 9:21am

Five Ways to Save Serious Money on Car Repairs

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What To Look For In A Good Auto Repair Shop

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Cars to Monitor Own Health, Researchers Say

A research team at Purdue university is developing a system that will detect damaged car parts and figure out how long they'll last before failing, effectively predicting breakdowns before they happen. The structural health-monitoring system uses a network of sensors placed strategically in areas of high stress and… » 12/01/05 7:45am 12/01/05 7:45am