Tesla Will Run A ‘Public Beta’ For Model S Autopilot

Elon Musk hinted last week that the long-awaited and debatably delayed Autopilot feature is “coming soon.” During today’s call to discuss Tesla’s second quarter earnings, the topic came up again, and Musk seems to be hedging the roll-out with promises of a “public beta”, because that’s exactly the kind of thing you… » 8/05/15 9:00pm 8/05/15 9:00pm

Elon Musk Promises That Model S Auto Pilot Is 'Almost Ready'

Remember the Big D reveal way back in October of last year? Most people were so enamored with the dual-motor drivetrain and insane acceleration that the other news – Auto Pilot – fell off the radar. Owners were promised the upgrade earlier in the year, and now it’s almost August, so Musk took to Twitter. » 7/31/15 7:20pm 7/31/15 7:20pm

The Same Man Invented Autopilot And The Mile High Club 100 Years Ago

On this date (June 18th) in 1914, autopilot was demonstrated for the first time on an aircraft, becoming one of the most important innovations to the cockpit in history. Its inventor, is also known for founding a "club" that many have aspired to join over the past century, as well. » 6/18/14 9:08pm 6/18/14 9:08pm