Having lots of fun with Tesla’s Autopilot system, are you?

Having lots of fun with Tesla’s Autopilot system, are you? Trying to see what it will and won’t manage to hit in your own near-suicidal frenzy? Tesla CEO Elon Musk just said on the company’s earnings call that he’s seen some “crazy videos” on Youtube, and some constraints on the system are coming. »11/03/15 6:55pm11/03/15 6:55pm

We Set A Cross-Country Record In A Tesla That Drove Itself

Records, as they say, are meant to be broken. I once blitzed across the country in 31 hours and 4 minutes. Ed Bolian beat that run. Earlier this year Carl Reese, Deena Mastracci and a team of their friends set an EV Cannonball record in a Tesla Model S. I have to say then when Team Polizei raced across the U.S. in… »10/29/15 2:58pm10/29/15 2:58pm

Alex Roy And Two Members Of The Tesla Record Team Just Broke That Coast-To-Coast Record With Autopilot

You may remember Carl Reese and Deena Mastracci, two members of the team who drove from Los Angeles to New York in a record 58 hours and 54 minutes in April. You may also have heard of Alex Roy, no stranger to records himself and someone who’s been very interested in autonomous driving lately. Those worlds just… »10/21/15 5:56pm10/21/15 5:56pm

Tesla's Autopilot System Is Awesome And Creepy And A Sign Of A Beautiful Future

The Tesla Model S isn’t the first truly autonomous car on the road and available for sale to the public. We’re not there yet, just as a society. But it is the first car with what Tesla’s calling its “Autopilot” system. And if this is the future not of driving, but of sitting in traffic, then please sign me up. »10/14/15 5:41pm10/14/15 5:41pm

Tesla Will Run A ‘Public Beta’ For Model S Autopilot

Elon Musk hinted last week that the long-awaited and debatably delayed Autopilot feature is “coming soon.” During today’s call to discuss Tesla’s second quarter earnings, the topic came up again, and Musk seems to be hedging the roll-out with promises of a “public beta”, because that’s exactly the kind of thing you… »8/05/15 9:00pm8/05/15 9:00pm