Ford CEO To Drive To Washington, D.C. For Not-A-Bailout Hearings

Finally aware of how bad the not-so-Big Three looked for flying to D.C. for the previous round of "bridge loan" hearings in fancy corporate jets, Ford promises CEO Alan Mullally will be taking a car for the eight-hour trip to Washington, D.C. for the next round of talks. There's no word yet on which Ford product he'll… »12/01/08 6:00pm12/01/08 6:00pm


Detroit News' Danny Howes Needs To Quit Stealing Wert's Lines On Big Three "Bailout"

The Detroit News »8/25/08 12:00pm8/25/08 12:00pm' own most original, free-thinking business writer, Danny "Boy" Howes, has managed to say exactly what the other day without actually saying anything about Wert. Whether Howes was inspired while watching CNBC Friday or his opinions came to him in a dream, carried forth perhaps by , we'll never know,…