Ford Marketing Head: "Fuck GM"

Ford's chief marketer Jim Farley has overseen some of the company's most important successes of the past few years, ones that have made it the most profitable automaker in America. How does he get motivated? By vowing to "fuck GM." UPDATED » 7/21/11 11:50am 7/21/11 11:50am

Audi Vs. BMW: quattro, FTW!

If this picture from yesterday's YDIW gallery looks like a snowy driveway to you, you're not an Audi fan-boy. If you were, you'd know it represents the ultimate wet dream of you and every BMW-hating Audi owner the world over. » 12/11/09 4:30pm 12/11/09 4:30pm

Porsche 911 GT3 RS Claims 7:33 'Ring Run, Still Doesn't Beat GT-R

When the Porsche 911 GT3 RS debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it looked every bit the obnoxious track-day racer. Apparently it can turn a wheel too, posting a scorching 7:33 time around the Nürburgring. Still no GT-R 7:26.7. » 10/28/09 10:30am 10/28/09 10:30am

Audi Taunts Ferrari On Their Own Turf

First there was the Audi billboard aimed squarely at BMW. Now Audi is poking Ferrari with this ad and their new Audi R8 5.2 FSI. Will Ferrari follow BMW's lead and respond? We can only hope. » 10/02/09 1:45pm 10/02/09 1:45pm

US Audi President Takes Mulligan On Facebook Over Volt "Idiots" Comment

Yesterday, Lawrence Ulrich of MSN Autos reported Audi US President Johan de Nysschen called Chevy Volt buyers "idiots." Today, de Nysschen is trying to distance himself from those comments through his Facebook page. Yes, Facebook. » 9/04/09 12:20pm 9/04/09 12:20pm

Audi President Thinks Chevy Volt Buyers Are "Idiots"

"Nobody will pay a $15,000 premium for a car competing with a Corolla," said Audi of America President Johan de Nysschen. "There are not enough idiots who will buy it." Really? Put your money where your mouth is, Johan. » 9/03/09 11:15am 9/03/09 11:15am

New Nissan GT-R Attacks 'Ring, Bests Previous Time

Nissan wasn't able to best the Corvette ZR1's 7:26.4 Nurburgring lap time, but Godzilla did bring the hurt with a lap time of 7:26.7 run on April 23, 2009. Now we've now got in-car video proof. » 7/09/09 4:00pm 7/09/09 4:00pm