This Discounted Smartphone Dash Mount Has Wireless Charging Built Right In

If you’re like me, every time you get into your car, you find a cable, and plug your phone in to charge. And every time you get out of the car, you unplug it. While that’s not particularly onerous, it certainly adds up over time, but you can take those seconds back with this ingenious dash mount. »Wednesday 12:10pm11/25/15 12:10pm


This $7 Towel Can Dry an Entire Car

This microfiber towel is considered by many detailing aficionados to be the best for drying off your car after you wash it. In fact, I can personally confirm that it’s less a towel and more a towel-shaped sponge. It’s also down to one of the lowest prices Amazon’s ever listed. [Meguiar’s X2000 Microfiber Drying Towel,… »11/10/15 6:15pm11/10/15 6:15pm

Try Out a Magnetic Smartphone Dash Mount For $4

It didn’t take long for Magnetic smartphone vent mounts to join our bestsellers club, and it’s easy to see why. They’re essentially invisible when your phone is attached, and there’s just something cool about slapping your phone onto your dashboard, and watching it stick in place. Even if you’re a skeptic, you might… »10/30/15 9:20am10/30/15 9:20am

This $12 Car Charger Features Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0

We’ve seen a handful of Quick Charge 2.0-compatible car chargers, but this is the first one we’ve posted with four total USB ports. Only one of those is a Quick Charge port, but the rest should still come in handy for your passengers. [Tronsmart 54W 4 Ports Rapid Car Charger with Qualcomm Certified Quick Charge 2.0… »10/26/15 6:15pm10/26/15 6:15pm

Clean Whatever the Hell is Hiding Under Your Car Seats With This $30 Vacuum

When it comes time to clean the dirt and fast food detritus from the floor of your car, you can either use your own car vacuum and do it in your driveway, or search in the couch cushions for quarters and drive to the nearest carwash to use theirs. At $30, I choose the former. [Black & Decker PAV1200W 12-Volt Handheld… »10/22/15 6:15pm10/22/15 6:15pm

Save $100 on a New Set of Tires

If your car’s tires are starting to look a little worn, today’s your last day to save $100 on any $400 order from Discount Tire Direct’s eBay storefront. Just pick out whatever tires and wheels you need, and enter code CMOTORS151 at checkout. [$100 off a $400 Discount Tire Direct Order, Promo code CMOTORS151] »10/16/15 6:15pm10/16/15 6:15pm

Grab a Fresh Set of Wiper Blades For $23

If your wiper blades are starting to streak, Amazon’s offering a pair of Rain-X Latitudes for just $23 today. All you have to do is pick the two you want, add them to your cart, and you’ll see the discount at checkout. You can even mix and match sizes, so you’re almost certain to find a combination that works for your… »10/09/15 6:15pm10/09/15 6:15pm

One Of Your Favorite Smartphone Dash Mounts is Down to Its Historic Price Low

You named the iOttie One Touch your favorite smartphone car mount last year, and today both the standard and XL variants are marked down to $12 on Amazon with promo code OPVECVJ5, a match for best prices we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, the newer iOttie One Touch 2 isn’t included in this deal, but these older models… »10/07/15 6:15pm10/07/15 6:15pm

This $20 Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter Works With Any Car

Want Bluetooth audio and handsfree calling in your older car? This dongle takes the Bluetooth signal from your phone, and retransmits it to the FM radio station of your choice. The sound quality will take a hit, but if you don’t have an AUX jack, this is probably your best option short of buying an entirely new… »9/21/15 6:15pm9/21/15 6:15pm