(Update) Awesome Land Rover Defenders Spotted On Set Of Bond Movie

As Land Rover slowly, expensively, and by some measure dramatically puts an end to its historic Defender model, bad guys around the World will have to look elsewhere for a decent, rugged, tough, go-anywhere, kill-anything, on-and-off-roader. They'll have to do so sooner than later, as photos of the latest shoot from… »1/10/15 10:01am1/10/15 10:01am

Austrian Mechanic Can't Resist Lamborghini, Promptly Flips It

A good auto mechanic is smart, safe, and competent. Bad mechanics are none of those things. But it looks like no matter who your mechanic is, when presented with the sweet, sweet siren song of a Lamborghini Gallardo, they won't be able to resist the temptation of taking it for a joyride and totaling it in short order. »3/26/14 10:50am3/26/14 10:50am

Austrian Politician Jörg Haider Killed In Phaeton Crash, Driving Twice Speed Limit

Far-right politicians from Austria tend to get a lot of scrutiny from the rest of the world, for really obvious »10/13/08 8:00am10/13/08 8:00am historical reasons, and , long-time leader of Austria's nationalist Freedom Party, definitely made plenty of headlines. That's all over now, as the anti-immigrant Haider perished on Saturday when his…

Chrysler Moving Assembly Of Chrysler 300 From Austria To Ontario, Also It'll Get A Diesel Engine

The group soon-to-be-formerly the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid confirmed today they'll be moving production of the 300 series sedan from a Magna International owned plant in Graz, Austria to the Brampton, Ontario plant in 2010. The plan will push up the new generation of the model by one year so as to… »7/19/07 5:30pm7/19/07 5:30pm