Hot Mazda3 Debuts in Sydney

What hot hatch do we have here? It's the latest from Mazda, fresh from the Sydney auto show. It's the Mazda3 MPS Extreme, a tweaker version of what we in the states call the Mazdaspeed3. But where the Mazdaspeed produces 263 hp in stock form, this specimen punches the clock with 281 hp and 313 lb-ft of torque from the… » 10/11/07 8:38am 10/11/07 8:38am

Holden Reveals VE Commodore Sportwagon

Make way, youse mugs. It's Holden's new Sportwagon. It's an Aussie station wagon with kung-fu grip the rear-drive underpinnings of Holden's zeta platform. Following a month of leakage, Holden introduced it this week at the Sydney auto show. The sport-oriented hauler on display was decked out with roof mounted DVD… » 10/11/07 7:45am 10/11/07 7:45am