It's An August Sales Shocker From GM! Monthly Sales Up 5.3%, Truck Sales Up 14.9%

We were just going to do one of those little quicklink things, but GM's got an August sales shocker going on! Overall vehicle sales are up 5.3% — beating the street expectation of 4% lower sales this past month. But the biggest news of all is that trucks are up almost 15% — yup, even with high gas prices. We hear GM… »9/04/07 1:50pm9/04/07 1:50pm

Breaking Both Ways! Chrysler Sales Down 8%, Mercedes Sales Up 6.9%

It seems like the two-headed beast that's the German-American hybrid still can't get both heads moving in the same direction. The boys n' girls in Stuttgart have let the world know they've sold 199,767 vehicles stateside, with the Chrysler Group down 8% adjusted for one more sales day for the month of August and… »9/01/06 4:20pm9/01/06 4:20pm

Breaking The Production Lines! GM Sales Softer Than Expected, But Still Up 4%; Reannounces Production "Adjustment"

Last August, the folks over at the RenCen in Detroit were all atwitter over the fact they couldn't keep supply in stock to keep up with demand for all of those cheap employee pricing deals. It turns out that was a very good thing — cause it lets them say they were up this August over the same month last year. Thus,… »9/01/06 3:29pm9/01/06 3:29pm

FoMoCo's Breaking Back In At #2! Toyota Sales Increase Of 12.6% Not Enough To Beat Ford's Decrease Of 12%

The global #2 automaker may have to relinquish it's title as #2 US automaker because despite a gain in sales of 12.6% for a total US sales of 240,178 — it still wasn't enough for them to beat back the boys n' girls from Dearborn. FoMoCo, despite a drop in sales of 12%, managed to find a way to cut back into line as… »9/01/06 2:59pm9/01/06 2:59pm

Breaking! Porsche Sales Up 12% Year-To-Date And Down A Hella Lot For August

German's pricey li'l luxe brand — fresh off some Consumers Reports win for something- or-the-other, completely called it in from the awards show or something and ended up shitting the bed this past month, and saw US sales fall in August to 2,397 units — that's a 13% drop from the same month in 2005. But it's trying… »9/01/06 12:59pm9/01/06 12:59pm