More 1975 JC Whitney Goodness: Pipe Organ Speakers!

Now here we have an item that's waaaay overdue for a comeback: Pipe Organ Speakers! They LOOK like they sound great- and they do! Actually, I'm guessing they sounded a smidge less than great, but they show the world you're serious about your Starland Vocal Band 8-track! Cheech had a set in his Impala in "Up In Smoke" » 2/22/07 9:25am 2/22/07 9:25am

Screw Your iPod, Chrysler's In-Car Phonograph

In 1956, you could hardly call yourself a proto-audiophile if you didn't own any of the fine Chrysler products that featured this sweet in-car phonograph. This 'Highway Hi Fi' system featured a turntable that would slide out from behind a drop-down door from underneath the dash to play 45-speed or 7-inch records in… » 2/16/07 1:45pm 2/16/07 1:45pm