Hey What Happens When You Go Mudding In An Audi 200 Quattro?

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The Ultimate Scandinavian Flick In An Audi Sport Quattro S1

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Listen To This Audi Quattro

I was looking for footage of an old Mustang rallying in America, but instead found this clip of an Audi Sport Quattro wheeling through the Michigan forest back in 1985. You need to hear it. » 11/24/14 12:40pm 11/24/14 12:40pm

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Think You Can't Drift With AWD? This Audi Quattro S1 Begs To Differ

Everyone's seen a lot of Subarus and whatnot four-wheel sliding through the snow and on the dirt, but not many have seen something with AWD going fully sideways on pavement. That's where this Group B-spec Audi Quattro S1 comes in. » 11/05/14 1:00pm 11/05/14 1:00pm

Now I Know How a Flat-6 and a Straight-5 Sounds Through the Woods

Rallying is one of the only forms of motor sports that still retains the atmosphere of the heyday of motor racing. Imagine what a throwback a vintage rally is. I have just been to one. » 10/19/14 5:53am 10/19/14 5:53am

Rally Stage Turns Into Audi Quattro vs Ford Focus RS Drift Battle

Somehow, sideways rally legend Gigi Galli ended up on the same stage at the same time as sideways Audi Quattro master Christof Klausner. Everything devolved into a tandem drift session, basically. » 10/15/14 1:00pm 10/15/14 1:00pm

This Audi Quattro Rally Drift Will Blow Your Nissan-Loving Mind

When you think of drifting, you probably think of a Nissan 240SX or other rear-drive some such. What if I told you an all-wheel drive Audi Quattro could slide like the best of them? » 9/30/14 1:00pm 9/30/14 1:00pm

The Audi UrQuattro Was Like A Countach Back In 1984

Well, it still is. Now, the only question is which ex-Group B homologation special would you like to take out for a Sunday drive? » 9/23/14 2:01pm 9/23/14 2:01pm

You Need To See The Cars At This American Rally In The Year 2000

Fourteen years ago, what kinds of cars would you expect to see at an American rally? Maybe some old Civics and a few Subarus? Prepare to have your mind blown. » 8/14/14 10:00pm 8/14/14 10:00pm

Get Onboard A Brand New Vintage Audi Quattro In Finland

One of the fastest drivers in rallying today is Jari-Matti Latvala. One of the greatest cars in rallying history is the early Audi Quattro. One of the greatest countries for rallying anywhere is Finland. Here they all are together. » 8/11/14 2:58pm 8/11/14 2:58pm

When RWD Fought AWD For Top Honors In Rally

It's easy to think of all-wheel-drive barging into the rally scene and dominating the field immediately. It wasn't so simple, as this video shows. » 4/20/14 7:07pm 4/20/14 7:07pm

Now You Can Own Gene Hunt's Audi Quattro From Ashes To Ashes

Today, my friend, your diary entry will read: Went on British eBay and then dropped a bunch of money on an Audi Quattro owned by an armed bastard. » 2/15/14 12:00pm 2/15/14 12:00pm

The Audi Quattro Story Starts With The Craziest Rallying In History

If you want to tell the story of Audi's all-wheel-drive legacy, you must start at the beginning — at the Volkswagen Iltis. Right after that, you get to talk about Group B rallying. And yes, you get to show the footage. » 1/15/14 10:57am 1/15/14 10:57am