ABT Sportsline Tunes Audi Q5, Thinks SUV Means "Particularly Sporty"-UV

ABT, let's talk. Listen, we've been friends for a while now and you often build amazingly badass modified Audis »8/22/08 12:45pm8/22/08 12:45pm. But the ABT Audi Q5 is just too much. We opened up your email today showing off the modified Audi Q5 along with a press release, and it took us a moment to overcome the 'Are they serious?' moment we had. We…

Porsche Cayenne Junior Spied Testing At Nürburgring

Think the Porsche Cayenne is a massive sacrilegious behemoth? Well, it seems that Porsche now wants to make another SUV that's not huge. What you see here is said to be Porsche's upcoming Audi Q5-based tall wagon. Shorter, narrower, and presumably cheaper than the Cayenne, this new offering will do battle with the BMW… »5/08/08 12:20pm5/08/08 12:20pm

Purported Audi Internal Product Release Schedule Leaks on to Internet, Reveals Underpowered Audi TT-S

A number of Audi fan forums across the internet have a spreadsheet showing up that purportedly shows a list of each and every product launch in Germany for 2008 (high-res shot here). Included in the spreadsheet are such noted notables as the Q5 and Q7 V12 TDI at the end of the third quarter, the Audi TT-S listed in… »12/04/07 7:45am12/04/07 7:45am