Audi Teases Concept That's So Exciting It Doesn't Have A Name

Another auto show, another Audi concept. Curiously, all Audi is just calling these sketches the "Audi show car" and a "compact sports car." No it isn't. But it's probably a concept bound for the Detroit Auto Show previewing the Audi Q1 that's just been confirmed. » 12/06/13 1:40pm 12/06/13 1:40pm

Audi Greenlights Q1 Baby SUV As Part Of Giant Model Offensive

Some folks these days claim Audi is starting to get a little lazy after a decade of big success. Not so, say the folks at Ingolstadt; they're about to kick off a big expansion of their lineup, starting with the Audi Q1 baby crossover. » 12/02/13 10:20am 12/02/13 10:20am