The 2016 Audi S8 Plus Is Your 605 HP Faustdick Monster From Ingolstadt

While looking up stupid, irritating, and downright irresponsible German cliches on Google Translate to use to bring you the news of the 605-horsepower, 553 pound-foot of torque beast that is the new 2016 Audi S8 Plus, I stumbled through hoch, kräftig, rasant. But none of them compared to what the car truly is – … » 8/06/15 11:50am 8/06/15 11:50am

Was This Driver Really Told To Push His DTM Competitors Out Of The Way?

Did Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich really instruct driver Timo Scheider, “Schieb ihn raus!” (or “Push him out!”) over the radio during yesterday’s Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters race? Dr. Ullrich claims that he was on a different channel than Scheider, but the TV edit looks pretty bad.
» 8/03/15 1:16am 8/03/15 1:16am

The Audi S6 Will Very Politely Punch You Square in the Face

In my line of work, it’s easy to become jaded. The mind will eventually get used to anything, given enough exposure. This applies to everything from noise, to speed, to narcotics. Even the irreverent Dr. Hunter S Thompson got used to his own warped reality, in which the violence and substance abuse eventually became… » 7/30/15 11:46am 7/30/15 11:46am

Report: The Audi RS4 Sedan Will Return To America For 2016

The American market missed out on the last generation Audi RS4, because wagons don’t sell here and because we can’t have nice things in general. It is probably safe to say that the next generation RS4 Avant will remain forbidden fruit, but Audi plans on bringing the RS4 sedan back to America for 2016. » 7/23/15 9:00pm 7/23/15 9:00pm

Too Much Audi Technology?

Audi has always been a plucky brand. It’s the brand of luxury car you buy if you’re sick of your neighbors buying Mercedes’ and BMWs. Audis are a bit different, and that makes them interesting. But one thing about Audis is that they’ve never been known for being driver’s cars. Very few Audis tug at the heartstrings… » 7/21/15 10:08pm 7/21/15 10:08pm

Audi RS3 Sportback: Why won’t the US get it?

Audi has always been one of the best makers of ultra-hot hatchbacks and the RS3 Sportback is no exception. The previous model outsold Audi’s expectations, selling 5,300 units, so naturally Audi’s developed a new version and it’s nothing short of excellent. The first-gen model never made its way over to North America,… » 7/13/15 3:30pm 7/13/15 3:30pm

Probable Idiot, Possible Loon In Audi Drives Backwards Through LA

I was an LA driver for over 20 years. I’ve driven down twisty Laurel Canyon road, and always enjoyed it, in all kinds of cars. I never thought to myself “Gee, what good fun this is. I’d sure like to try it backwards!” Because, surprisingly, I’m not an idiot. I’m not so sure about our Audi-driving friend here. » 7/13/15 9:25am 7/13/15 9:25am

See How The 2016 Audi A4 Is Different From The Old A4 (Not Much)

There’s a new Audi A4 for 2016, and it’s bigger and lighter and better. Every body panel has been redesigned, yet you can tell instantly that it’s an Audi A4. As always, Audi has taken the evolutionary approach, and you can tell each little change was handled with as much gravity and focus as each footstep of a… » 6/29/15 6:01pm 6/29/15 6:01pm

Does The Audi RS3 Usher In The Age Of The Hyper Hatch?

The motoring press came up with the term “hypercar” when fast-moving objects like the Porsche 918, the McLaren P1 and the LaFerrari started opening dimensional portals around the likes of a 911 Turbo S, the 458 Italia or the 12C. Now, Audi is kind of doing a little bit of the same with the RS3. Which is coming to… » 6/18/15 8:00pm 6/18/15 8:00pm

Audi RS5 Cabrio - Feel the wind in your hair... and your wallet

There are not a whole lot of four-passenger, two-door convertible vehicles out there on the market. It’s a weird category occupied by unique offerings. One such offering is the Audi A5. If you want a little more juice you jump to the Audi S5. There’s more out there though, and it arrives in the form of the Audi RS5… » 6/18/15 11:25am 6/18/15 11:25am

Audi Will Charge An Extra $18,000 To Have Your S3 Look Like A Skittle

There is an ongoing debate in the VW/Audi community as to whether or not the S3 is worth the premium over the similarly powered, and more practical Golf R. Our friend Matt Farah, thinks the four-rings are worth the extra coin, but would you pay over $16,000 to get special paint and a fancy interior? » 6/05/15 9:22am 6/05/15 9:22am