The Company That Makes The 'Ripsaw' Just Released A Personal Version

The Ripsaw is one of the fastest tracked vehicles in the world, something like a lightweight tank with a huge V8. Now the company built a personal 'Mini Ripsaw' version. » 1/09/15 4:30pm 1/09/15 4:30pm

Talk To The Wildest ATV Pilot And Off-Road Movie Makers Here, Live!

A year ago, Mad Media shot pretty much the craziest ATV stunt movie ever. Last week, they took it to the next level with a sequel. Now the driver, producers, and directors of "XP1K2" are here in the comments to answer your questions! » 11/11/14 1:03pm 11/11/14 1:03pm

This ATV Movie Will Make Dukes Of Hazzard Look Like Driving Miss Daisy

We've seen bits and pieces of the upcoming Polaris RZR hoonfest film known as "XP1K2;" but I hadn't been properly fired up about it until watching this trailer. This little ATV basically makes the forest its bitch– and every surface into a jump. » 10/21/14 7:42pm 10/21/14 7:42pm

Adventure Tested: Argo 8x8 ATV

Need to haul a 1,300lbs bull moose off the Alaskan tundra? You're going to need an Argo. The world's only eight-wheel-drive, amphibious ATV can literally go anywhere. » 6/24/14 4:27pm 6/24/14 4:27pm

XP1K Is The Apocalypse Desert Ruin Porn Gymkhana Of Your Dreams

This is the Polaris RZR XP1000 UTV. Watch it absolutely defeat the Mad Max apocalypse desert ruin porn gymkhana course of your dreams. » 8/05/13 1:06pm 8/05/13 1:06pm