Dragging A Couch Behind An ATV Sure Looks Like Filthy Fun

Old couches generally don’t rank to high on the Fun Potential Scale. They usually get dragged to the curb, or gradually get moister and grosser until they’re a smelly colony of rapidly-evolving funguses, one of which just figured out how to tame fire. But add an ATV and some tow rope into the mix, and it all changes. »9/01/15 9:30pm9/01/15 9:30pm

See How This RZR Was Built To Pull Off Impossible Off-Road Stunts

The Polaris RZR RJ Anderson punted through oversized bowls, 50/50 log grinds, and a series of other insane backwoods stunts (including a world-record setting 170' jump) was not exactly off the showroom floor. Here's a closer look at how one of the wildest small-scale off-road vehicles ever came together. »12/19/14 7:02pm12/19/14 7:02pm

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Windshield: Hooning on an STi-ATV

Imagine blasting around New Zealand on an ATV powered by a rally-tuned Subaru STi engine. We got hip to this face-warping toy last year, but this is the first video we've seen of it in action. Apparently, Kiwis have this Race to the Sky thing, where all manner of radical four-wheelers blast up some middle-earth… »9/15/06 8:19am9/15/06 8:19am