How Cheap Do Cadillac Sedans Have To Get Before People Buy Them?

Recently we reported that Cadillac is throwing all kinds of money at the ATS and CTS sedans due to slow sales, while Escalade production can't keep up with demand. As the unofficial Jalopnik new car correspondent, I did some searching and found you can get killer deals on Caddies, but will it help? »2/11/15 8:35am2/11/15 8:35am


Cadillac ATS vs Lexus IS350 F-Sport. Fighting back

So you're after a new premium mid-size saloon. You want a bit of poke, a good amount of style without being too flashy, and it has to be comfortable as well as feature a performance element. Basically, you want everything. Where do you go? Traditionally, you'd head straight to Germany and check out a BMW 3 Series,… »3/10/14 1:53pm3/10/14 1:53pm

Journalist Flips Cadillac ATS In Crash 17 Miles From Race Track

"Let's keep the shiny side up" were nearly the last words from the GM employee responsible for the safety briefing ahead of a drive for journalists through the windy roads of Georgia. One writer for a buff book didn't take that advice seriously enough and rolled a brand new Cadillac ATS into the woods within a few… »6/27/12 10:30am6/27/12 10:30am

Cadillac ATS to bow its BMW-fightin' head at Detroit Auto Show

Mary Barra, the Senior VP of global product development for General Motors, speaking to the Automotive Press Association (APA) today in Detroit, said GM will debut four global concept or production vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Barra also let slip official news that one of the four will be the… »12/02/11 1:15pm12/02/11 1:15pm