Wait, What Size Is Your Penis Again?

This Texan Ariel Atom used to roll with a license plate that said L8RH8R. Now its owner's moved on to something a bit more self-deprecating. The result? Something straight out of Conan O'Brien. » 3/09/12 2:30pm 3/09/12 2:30pm

Belgian Auto Journalist Killed In Test Drive Crash

Belgian automotive journalist Michael Cornette was killed in a test drive of the Ariel Atom — a street-legal track car — yesterday. The 35-year-old writer for the newspaper Krant Van West-Vlaanderen was killed when the sports car lost control and crashed into a silo. » 1/03/12 12:30pm 1/03/12 12:30pm

Who Wants to Race an Ariel Atom?

I do, you do, we all do. All we need is $32,000 each and a couple hundred bucks a race, and we can all join the new Spec Racer Atom series. C'mon, let's do it. » 12/14/10 2:00pm 12/14/10 2:00pm

Race Car Races Inkjet Printer Around Track

Following on the success of their papercraft NSX, Epson bolted one of their inkjet printers shotgun in an Ariel Atom to see if they could print a racetrack out via Wi-Fi faster than the car could drive it. Who wins? » 10/15/10 10:30am 10/15/10 10:30am

The Ariel Atom, Revisited

Last year, we drove the Ariel Atom at Lime Rock Park. It’s time for another rendezvous on an abandoned Soviet airfield where we've found the Atom is still the sharpest and simplest driver’s car ever made. » 9/14/10 1:00pm 9/14/10 1:00pm

Ariel Atom 500: A V8-Powered Mirth Machine

The standard has been raised in the world of bonkers motoring. Behold, the Ariel Atom 500. The Honda inline-four is replaced by a naturally-aspirated 500-hp 3.0-liter V8. Considering the Atom's slightly heavier than an eyelash, this will be spectacular. Updated. » 9/07/10 3:30pm 9/07/10 3:30pm

Intel Atom Joins the Bloodhound Gang

Another piece of the rocket-powered Bloodhound 1000mph car jigsaw has popped into place, with chip-maker Intel announcing it'll be providing the car's brain. But rather than using the company's top-spec chips, Bloodhound will be powered using cheap Intel Atoms. » 7/20/10 9:15am 7/20/10 9:15am

A Supercharger, A Turbocharger And A 430 HP Ariel Atom

We like nothing better than to see technology originally developed to save polar bears perverted for the purposes of performance. Such is the case with the DDMworks Ariel Atom and its twincharged engine. » 1/26/10 4:30pm 1/26/10 4:30pm

Ariel Slashes Entry-Level Atom 3 Price to $49,980

Getting your hands on one of the most scary-awesome track-ready, street-legal cars in the world just got easier. TMI Autotech, American purveyor of all things fast and scaffolding-like, has just announced a cheaper version of the Ariel Atom 3. » 1/20/10 4:00pm 1/20/10 4:00pm

A Morning at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan

On our way to drive the Ariel Atom at Lime Rock Park, we stopped by the Hudson Street headquarters of the Classic Car Club of Manhattan. At 6 AM on a Sunday, nobody was around—except the cars. » 9/11/09 9:00am 9/11/09 9:00am

Ten Worst Cars To Have Sex In

Earlier this week, the masculoids at Ask Men released their list of the ten best cars to have sex in — complete with positions. After careful deliberation we're prepared to warn you off these ten worst, complete with reasons. » 9/10/09 2:30pm 9/10/09 2:30pm

Ariel Atom 3: First Drive

Super cars don't come much more dedicated than the Ariel Atom 3, a car that's fast becoming a legend. And if you're a dedicated driver they don't come much faster, as we found out at rainy Lime Rock last weekend. » 9/02/09 12:00pm 9/02/09 12:00pm

500 HP Ariel Atom V8 To Cost At Least $160,000

Want to outrun Bugatti Veyrons in an open-wheeled roadster? It'll cost you at least $160,000. But with a 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds, with the Ariel Atom V8, you'll at least be getting your money's worth. » 6/08/09 1:20pm 6/08/09 1:20pm

Ariel Atom 500 Powered By 500 HP V8

Not content with just offering up a totally visceral experience in the 'base' Atom, Ariel has decided to up the ante by mating their bare bones street racer with an RS Performance 500-horsepower 2.4-liter V8. » 5/29/09 2:30pm 5/29/09 2:30pm

What’s the Point of Urban Microcars?

Remember the REVA G-Wiz pitted in an uneven fight against the Ariel Atom? The Atom may be the cooler car but when it comes to parking, the G-Wiz triumphs. » 4/17/09 9:30am 4/17/09 9:30am

Ariel Atom vs. REVA G-Wiz in London

Ariel Atom vs. G-Wiz. It's possibly the greatest vehicular mismatch ever captured on camera. But the odds are not completely against the puny G-Wiz. » 4/14/09 10:00am 4/14/09 10:00am

Ariel Atom Gets Removable Windshield

One of the few bastions of modern white-knuckled motoring, the Ariel Atom, will be making a concession to comfort when Ariel makes a detachable windshield system available for sale. The shield will allow people who signed up for one of the rawest cars in the world, then apparently forgot why they did so, the option to… » 7/25/08 2:40pm 7/25/08 2:40pm

Ariel Atom 500 To Get V8 Power, Upgraded To Ariel Molecule?

UPDATE: It's official, here's the fist photo of the new Atom 500, the V8-powered Ariel! We've seen the Ariel sporting a dual hayabusa V8, and we've just heard the news about the Caterham 7 RS, which will sport an RS Performance V8. Combine those stories and you get the Atom 500, which reportedly will feature the same… » 2/28/08 2:00pm 2/28/08 2:00pm

Ariel considers motorcycle production

The Ariel Atom is already the closest thing to a motorcycle on four wheels, so it makes sense that they're considering making bikes. They've released three ideas to the public, hoping to garner feedback on which would be the most popular. Pictured above is the most radical, a supercharged single-cylinder engine with… » 12/11/07 1:15pm 12/11/07 1:15pm

Ariel Atom 3: Better for the Elbows

Everyone's favorite track-day toy and face rearranger, the Ariel Atom, is getting a slight makeover. There's more space inside, and new body panels and wind deflector outside — just the thing for preserving the eardrums during extended sprints through the countryside. It's powered by a 245-hp version of Honda's… » 10/03/07 10:11am 10/03/07 10:11am