GIFs of Life in Zero-Gee Almost Make Space Look Fun

Being an astronaut may sound glamorous, but for the most part, life in space is utter tedium—checking systems logs, labeling test tubes for routine science experiments. Not to mention the fact that simple things like using the toilet and running on a treadmill require monk-like patience and bungee cords. »10/23/15 9:30pm10/23/15 9:30pm

Before Going To Space, Astronauts Had to Survive the Desert

No one knew if the first attempts at getting humans into space would crash catastrophically. Before any astronaut could leave the planet, NASA tested their capacity to survive a crash landing in a hostile environment by abandoning them in the desert with only a re-entry pod and parachute for company. »5/18/14 11:22am5/18/14 11:22am

Fear of Irradiated Ladyparts Limits Missions for Female Astronauts

It’s hard enough to be an astronaut. You basically have to be a genius physical specimen with enough intelligence to understand astrophysics, but not enough self-awareness to fear being strapped to a rocket and hurled into low orbit by a column of fire. For aspiring female astronauts, though, the selection process… »9/03/13 12:07pm9/03/13 12:07pm

How Chris Hadfield Made Us Care About Astronauts Again

It was a simple 31-second clip, uploaded to YouTube in early January—a watch flopping weightlessly around its owner’s wrist, the first such video from Commander Chris Hadfield aboard the International Space Station. No explanation, no context, just metal links and a watch face swishing around a hairy Canadian arm like… »5/13/13 1:47pm5/13/13 1:47pm

A haunting reminder of the decline of manned space exploration

With glorious Moon rockets turning into low Earth orbit space trucks turning into one last trail of ionized air, what is there to say about the US manned space program other than Astronaut Suicides, a photographic series by Sara Phillips, Neil Dacosta and Saskia Thomson. In images which alternate between terrible… »9/08/11 1:30pm9/08/11 1:30pm