Why This Astronaut Thinks NASA Can Save Humanity From Extinction

Astronaut Daniel T. Barry thinks NASA's mission to Mars is humanity's most important endeavor yet, for reasons including the birth of Captain Kirk. We talked to him about what it's like to explore the Final Frontier. » 3/23/15 4:27pm 3/23/15 4:27pm

Vines From Space Are The Best Vines

As if being an U.S. Astronaut aboard the International Space Station isn't already cool enough, Reid Wiseman is having all of the fun up there while shooting epic videos and photographs. » 8/30/14 12:07am 8/30/14 12:07am

Astronaut Gets Awesome Hurricane Photo From ISS

American Astronaut Reid Wiseman shared this stunning image of Hurricane Arthur, which he captured this afternoon while flying aboard the International Space Station. » 7/03/14 6:25pm 7/03/14 6:25pm

Alumnus Astronaut Gives UConn Commencement Speech From Space

As if the dual NCAA Basketball titles were't already cool enough, University of Connecticut alumnus and U.S. Astronaut Mastracchio delivered the commencement speech to this year's School of Engineering graduates on Saturday, while orbiting the Earth on the International Space Station. » 5/12/14 1:33pm 5/12/14 1:33pm

How Would NASA Rescue An Astronaut Who Floated Away?

What would happen if an astronaut started floating away from the International Space Station? How would NASA rescue them? Here's what they would do. » 12/11/10 7:30am 12/11/10 7:30am

Scott Listfield: Astronaut Dinosaur

Scott Listfield is a man on a mission called Astronaut Dinosaur. His unbelievably entertaining paintings take a look into the imaginatively contrived adventures of a space-bound astronaut. Check out his work below. » 7/03/09 10:00am 7/03/09 10:00am

Diapered, Pepper-Spray Wielding Long-Distance Astronaut Charged With…

Look, we've had beefs with romantic rivals. It once nearly came close to fisticuffs. Or it would have had he turned up at that Jets to Brazil show instead of hightailing it to Olympia, dammit. Ah, drama amongst fin de siecle indierockers. But at some point, you fold your tent and retire from the field and turn it… » 2/06/07 2:15pm 2/06/07 2:15pm

Jalopnik Late Night: Astronauts Gone Wild!!!

We admit; this is only peripherally related to cars. However, that doesn't change the fact that US Navy Capt. Lisa Nowak drove 900 miles wearing diapers to confront, allegedly intimidate and possibly kidnap another woman in an airport parking lot. Nowak felt Colleen Shipman was romantically involved with Space… » 2/05/07 10:29pm 2/05/07 10:29pm