Aston Martin Vantage RS To See Limited Production, DBS Roadster Coming

Things have been good in the world of Aston Martin enthusiasts since breaking free from Ford, as exemplified by the Vantage RS V12 Concept, which is going to be a reality according to Dutch car mag Autovisie. The word comes from Dr. Ulrich Bez, Aston Martin CEO, who said the fastest Aston Martin will go on sale next… »3/14/08 3:00pm3/14/08 3:00pm


Aston Martin Vantage RS Revealed At The Geneva Auto Show

Ask not how many alcantaras were killed to fashion the interior of Aston Martin's Vantage RS. Merely ask why it's one of the sexiest cars in Geneva. Naturally, it just is. But the Vantage RS is not only a looker. It's also Aston's answer to the Porsche GT3. That's by way of a 4.3-liter V8 upclocked from 380 HP to 420… »3/04/08 12:15pm3/04/08 12:15pm