Customer Says She Was Threatened By Dealership That Bullied Pizza Guy

The folks over at F&R used car sales seem like some classy individuals. First they harassed a pizza delivery guy over a $7 tip. Now the owner and an employee are facing charges for threats and intimidation after they allegedly told a female customer that they would "punch her in the face," if she came to the… » 3/09/15 10:27am 3/09/15 10:27am

This Insane Biker Gang Video Is Why Motorcyclists Come Off As Assholes

What's the best way to reinforce the idea that all motorcyclists are childish, lunatic asshats with no regard for the law, personal safety, or basic human decency? Here. Watch this. » 11/25/14 5:13pm 11/25/14 5:13pm

Obsessed Stalker Spends 6 Months Taping an Asshole Who Runs Red Lights

Who's worse in this situation? The jerk who keeps pulling the same dangerous stunt of faking a left turn so he can run a red and cut off the traffic going straight, or the stalker who's been recording this behavior for more than 6 months and turned it into a 20-minute montage? » 11/24/14 12:04pm 11/24/14 12:04pm

Paralyzed Man Finds Angry Note After Parking in Handicapped Spot

Matt Milstead, 36, parked his BMW in a handicapped spot before a playing a game of wheelchair rugby at the YMCA in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When he returned to his car after the game, he found a letter under the door’s handle. » 10/21/13 10:22am 10/21/13 10:22am

Chris Brown And His Awful Lamborghini Terrorize Elderly Subway Employee

The Internet is a divisive place full of angry people who like to argue in comments and on forums all day long. But I think there's one thing we can all agree on pretty universally: singer Chris Brown is history's greatest monster. » 9/22/12 10:30am 9/22/12 10:30am

When Making It Rain Goes Wrong

A 43-year-old dentist from the Chicago area, William Anthony Howe is recovering in the hospital after he crashed head-on into another car on the interstate last Saturday. Howe was going the wrong way and the two people in the car he crashed into are dead. And it gets worse: A witnesses told the Chicago Tribune that… » 8/10/11 10:15am 8/10/11 10:15am

Drunk Driver Suing Parents of Boy He Ran Over

Repeat drunk driver David Weaving is serving a 10-year manslaughter sentence for hitting 14-year-old Matthew Kenney on his bike and killing him in Connecticut. Now Weaving is suing the Kenneys for letting Matthew ride his bike on the street. [AP] » 11/14/10 8:19pm 11/14/10 8:19pm