Dear Daniel aka The Street King, Don't Advertise For Illegal Street Racing On Craigslist

What better way to get into illegal street racing than to post your name, phone number, and a picture of you and your outdated Lexus on the internet, for everyone to see? Daniel, aka The Street King, apparently did just that, and even offered to race for pink slips. » 12/04/12 12:00pm 12/04/12 12:00pm

Florida Man Finds Out What Happens When You Road Rage The Wrong Person

Walt Kowalski, the grumpy, rifle-toting Korean War veteran played by Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino has a great line when he confronts some creeps who have been harassing his neighbor: "Ever notice how you come across somebody, once in a while, that you shouldn't have fucked with? That's me." » 10/20/12 10:30am 10/20/12 10:30am