Buy the $1.8 million Zenvo supercar and get this nifty watch

The Zenvo ST-1 costs a ridiculous $1.8 million, but sexy 1,104-hp Danish supercars are rarely value propositions. Thus the Danes are sweetening the pot for us Americans with the special ST-1 50S, which comes with a $49K Aspen watch. Just what we always wanted. » 6/15/11 12:30pm 6/15/11 12:30pm

Chrysler Closing Aspen, Durango Plant December 31; Hybrids DOA

Chrysler's Aspen Hybrid » 10/29/08 10:30am 10/29/08 10:30am and are apparently destined to become a tiny footnote in the annals of automotive history, as Chrysler has announced the closure of the Newark Assembly Plant that builds the SUVs effective December 31. The plant was already operating on one shift, but the closure will still result in about…

2009 Chrysler Aspen And Dodge Durango Hybrids Begin Production

The 2009 Chrysler Aspen HEMI Hybrid » 8/22/08 3:40pm 8/22/08 3:40pm and the , the first hybrids from the penta-star brand, are finally rolling off the lines in Newark, Delaware. With its two-mode hybrid system and cylinder deactivation capability reigning in the big 5.7-liter HEMI engine, the hybrid twins are expected to return a 25% increase in…

LA Auto Show: 2009 Chrysler Aspen and Dodge Hemi Hybrids Revealed

Here's a question for you: how do you feel about a hybrid Hemi? Somebody please answer for Danio as I know his head just popped. With the electric motor, both vehicles can summon up 385 horsepower. No mention of torque (either at the reveal or in the press release) but both "two-mode" big 'ol hybrid boys showed up towing … » 11/14/07 6:30pm 11/14/07 6:30pm

The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: Yeah, That Hybrid's Got A Hemi!

Well, it looks like our senior editor from the D is taking is show to the boob tube this evening where he'll be talking about the Chrysler Group's new Hemi hybrids. He'll be On The Money this evening on CNBC at 7:39 EST and while he's powdering his nose, it's time for us to come up with some new drinking game rules. If … » 6/21/07 5:45pm 6/21/07 5:45pm

Chrysler Reveals Dual-Mode Hybrid Dodge Durango And Chrysler Aspen, We …

We spent the morning out in Chelsea, MI checking out the latest and greatest from the soon to no longer be 'merican side of the German-American hybrid at their annual "What's New?" event. It's an opportunity for all the auto journalists on this side of the country to get a chance to grab with grubby hands every bit… » 6/21/07 2:45pm 6/21/07 2:45pm

Giant Snowmen Hold Chrysler Products Hostage, Use Force Field

BREAKING: Detroit, MI: DCX tent at Motown Winter Blast under siege by 7 foot tall snowmen holding all new products by force, weapons in hand and demanding ransom. An unknown advanced technology is in use and preventing swat teams from freeing the Chrysler Aspen. One of the hostage takers has built an ammunition stash… » 2/12/07 10:00am 2/12/07 10:00am

Ad Watch: Chrysler, Dodge And Jeep Look To Stem Sales Losses With…

Yes, we know Sirius sucks compared to XM — but, free satellite radio's free satellite radio, and considering the lease deals the folks at the Chrysler Group are now reported to be offering, I feel like it's almost a pity deal. So pony up your $185 or whatever per month, and you too can save a starving automaker —…

» 11/10/06 8:01pm 11/10/06 8:01pm

The Shaming Of Dr. Z: Marketing The Chrysler Aspen SUV

We're not even sure what this marketing message from Chrysler's new site for the Aspen SUV means — because although there's a bunch of ways to take it — most of them are bad. Whoever thought "Decadence Without The Shame" was a good tagline for an indulgent and expensive high-end brand-engineered Durango — should probably … » 10/12/06 6:47pm 10/12/06 6:47pm

The 300 of SUVs! The 300 of SUVs! The 300 of SUVs!

Talk about trying to make a halo out of a crown. The Chrysler Aspen drops this morning and the press release is awash in phrases like, "Chrysler's first SUV," "premium panache," "unique and distinctive design," "jewel-like headlamps," "Chrysler brand's image of beauty and elegance." What it should read is, "Please, please, please … » 1/10/06 8:41am 1/10/06 8:41am