What Do You Want To Know About The 2015 Subaru Outback?

This weekend we're releasing a 2015 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited to its natural habitat, Vermont, to get the last scraps of the ski season. That should give us an opportunity to suss it out on highways, country roads, and figure out whatever "X-Mode" does. So what do you want to know about it? » 3/20/15 9:30am 3/20/15 9:30am

Ask BMW Team RLL Drivers Graham Rahal And Bill Auberlen Anything

Love the beastly sounding BMW Z4s that run in United SportsCar? We've got two of the guys who drive them in the GT Le Mans class for BMW Team RLL, ready to answer any and all of your questions: Graham Rahal, who usually runs with the team in IndyCar, and sportscar veteran Bill Auberlen. » 1/23/15 5:45pm 1/23/15 5:45pm

Ask Mazda Diesel Prototype Racers Nunez and Bomarito Anything

Remember that wonderful Mazda6 diesel race car? Mazda carried over the development from that car into a wonderful diesel-powered prototype racer. We've got Jonathan Bomarito and Tristan Nunez who are racing that prototype at the Rolex 24 here to answer all your questions. What do you want to know? » 1/23/15 2:45pm 1/23/15 2:45pm

​What Do You Want To Ask Elon Musk During His Reddit AMA Tonight?

You've got questions. Elon Musk has answers. And tonight, the co-founder of Tesla, CEO of Space X, and the closest thing we've got to Thomas Edison-Henry Ford-Da Vinci hybrid is taking to Reddit tonight at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT for an Ask Me Anything session. What do you want to know? » 1/05/15 3:29pm 1/05/15 3:29pm

I'm About To Crawl All Over The Lexus NX Crossover, Ask Me Anything

I'm on my way to some fancy resort where I'll be allowed to poke, prod, and maybe even drive the 2015 Lexus NX crossover. What should I look for? What should I ask the folks showing it off? » 6/24/14 3:49pm 6/24/14 3:49pm

Ask Me Anything About The Twin-Turbo 2014 Ford F-150 Tremor

The 2014 Ford F-150 Tremor isn't exactly an SVT Lightning replacement, but it is a sporty rear-wheel-drive hauler with a 3.5 EcoBoost engine, great graphics package and basement-couch-comfy sport seats (that's a good thing). We're wringing it out this week, ask me anything! » 5/25/14 11:22am 5/25/14 11:22am

Ask Former Stig And James Bond Stunt Driver Anything You Want

Ben Collins is famous for being a successful race car driver, author, and Hollywood stunt driver, but you probably know him best as The Stig from Top Gear. Now that the helmet's off he can answer all your questions about being the world's most infamous wheelman and driving for James Bond in the movies. » 5/29/13 1:35pm 5/29/13 1:35pm

Ask Jaguar's Chief Designer Ian Callum Anything You Want

A few years ago, Jaguar decided their cars were becoming stodgy. They looked the same for decades and had begun to stagnate. But then a product renaissance came around in the forms of the all new XK, XF, XJ, and last night it came full circle with the unveiling of the gorgeous F-Type roadster. » 9/27/12 11:30am 9/27/12 11:30am

Reddit Is OK With Rapists But Not Used Car Salesmen

One of the most popular features on the main Reddit pages, other than memes and puppies, are the "Ask Me Anything" forums where anyone from a Porsche employee to various self-admitted rapists come and answer questions. » 8/08/12 2:00pm 8/08/12 2:00pm

Ask A Veteran New York City Cab Driver Anything You Want

If you think it's daring to be a race car driver, then you have never actually watched someone drive a New York City taxi. Every day is a stint in an endurance race where things are constantly going wrong. Add in the fact that you have to pick up customers that complain about everything and constantly forget things in… » 8/03/12 2:00pm 8/03/12 2:00pm

Ask Top Gear Star Richard Hammond Anything You Want

Welcome to yet another installment of Jalopnik Live, where we let you ask the newsmakers and stars of the automotive world the questions that you really want to hear the answers to. » 8/01/12 5:30pm 8/01/12 5:30pm

Porsche America Sent Soda Cups To Germany And Told Them 'Your…

A former employee of Porsche Cars North America is taking questions today in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything." Redditor Analytic_Geek is answering a number of questions on the innerworkings of the sports car maker from Stuttgart, and there were a few that caught our eye. » 7/20/12 2:40pm 7/20/12 2:40pm

Ask Stuntman Greg Tracy Anything You Want Before His Double Loop Dare…

You've seen Greg Tracy drive, you just didn't know it. The six-time Pikes Peak champ has been the wheelman in movies like The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift, The Bourne Ultimatum, and The Italian Job just to name a few. He's also going to attempt a world record double loop stunt for Hot Wheels Saturday with Tanner… » 6/29/12 12:00pm 6/29/12 12:00pm

I'm Rutledge Wood, Host Of Top Gear USA, Ask Me Anything

With two seasons of Top Gear USA done and in the books, it appears as though the audience for the History Channel show continues to grow. So, will it be around for a third season? We have no idea. » 5/10/12 12:30pm 5/10/12 12:30pm

I'm Lisa Schoder, Head Of Marketing For The Ford Focus ST, Ask Me…

This week, Ford released final pricing for the Ford Focus ST — the car bringing performance back to the Focus range here in the United States. Since Jalopnik readers seemed so geeked by the announcement — and the car itself — we've invited Lisa Schoder, the marketing manager for the car, to come in here at 9:00 AM EST… » 5/03/12 8:30am 5/03/12 8:30am

I'm Joel Ewanick, General Motors' Chief Marketer, Ask Me Anything

Last night General Motors aired a Super Bowl commercial for the Chevy Silverado that not only successfully trolled their cross-town rivals at Ford — but also was the first Super Bowl ad where GM's created buzz without tripping over its own feet. » 2/06/12 9:20am 2/06/12 9:20am

Ask Me Anything: Scott Burgess Edition

Scott Burgess was the auto critic for The Detroit News until this week when he resigned after being forced to water down a review of the Chrysler 200 at the behest of an advertiser. » 3/18/11 2:00pm 3/18/11 2:00pm

Ask Me Anything: Neko Case Edition

Neko Case isn't just one of our favorite musicians, she's also a gearhead with a philanthropic streak currently raffling off her '67 Mercury Cougar. She's here live, in the comments, answering your questions about the car, the music and the charity. » 3/05/11 11:55am 3/05/11 11:55am

Talk muscle cars with Neko Case on Jalopnik tomorrow

Singer and vintage muscle car enthusiast Neko Case is raffling off her '67 Mercury Cougar to benefit the 826 National educational writing group. Questions about the car? Questions about her music? You can ask her, here, tomorrow at 12:00 EST. » 3/04/11 2:00pm 3/04/11 2:00pm

Ask Me Anything: Mike Austin Edition

Mike Austin's a former Jalopnik contributor, road test editor for the dearly-departed MPH magazine and is now the technical editor for Car and Driver — a small, artisanal publication focused exclusively on 0-to-60 times of cars. Ask him anything. » 1/11/11 3:15pm 1/11/11 3:15pm