Will Hot Racing Wife And Actress Ashley Judd Attempt A Senate Run?

Hey everybody! Remember how much fun you didn't have during the 2012 elections? Well now that they're over, there are depraved, masochistic individuals out there who are already pondering what none of us want to think about: What's in store for the 2014 elections? Yes, more politics! Get excited! » 11/10/12 4:00pm 11/10/12 4:00pm

Franchitti Wins Indy 500, er, 415; No Milk for Milka

In the denouement to yesterday's abbreviated Indy 500, it was a rain-drenched, barefoot Ashley Judd providing the glamor an eighth-place Danica Patrick, an ousted Milka Duno and a lurking Gene Simmons could not. Patrick lost a late-race game of pitstop musical chairs, nullifying an earlier reach to second place; Duno‚Ķ » 5/28/07 10:58am 5/28/07 10:58am