Fighting an Enzo: Ascari Set to Debut A10 Supercar

Last year, British supercar builder, Ascari revealed its Ferrari Enzo FXX fighter, the 625 hp A10 — a track-day toy that, unlike the FXX, is street legal. Now, the $600,000 A10's making its grand entrance at the UK's MPH show this month. With a claimed zero-to-60 time of 2.8 seconds — and to 100 mph in just over… » 10/25/06 8:53am 10/25/06 8:53am

Hype Hypercar: Driving the Ascar KZ1

Our mate Nick Hall points out that anyone and his Uncle Enzo can build a light, fast supercar to challenge those at the top. Building a supercar that won't cause shaken-driver syndrome over anything rougher than 60 grit sandpaper is a bit more involved. That's why at the way top — the mid-six-figure and up, top —… » 7/14/06 11:48am 7/14/06 11:48am

Evo Names Ascari KZ1 Top Member of 2006 Fast Club

The fancy lads over at Evo rounded up 21 of the the usual hi-po suspects for a heavy-duty, wicked pissah of a shootout over in ol' Blighty. And guess what? One of the unusual suspects walked off with the crown in their 2006 Fast Club battle royal. The Ascari KZ1 proved one of the top-top three fastest around… » 4/18/06 9:22pm 4/18/06 9:22pm

Ascari Launches New Supercar

Ascari, the buy-a-car-get-test-track-free supercar builder of the UK and Spain, is launching the follow-up to its KZ1. Built to be an everyday driver (yeah, and a unicorn just stirred my coffee with his horn), the 2,822lb A10, will get a 600hp, five-liter quad-cam V8 sourced from BMW, hooked to a six speed manual or… » 12/09/05 11:38am 12/09/05 11:38am

Test Track Included: The Ascari KZ1

It's got a carbon-fiber monocoque body, a highly tuned 500hp BMW V8 (what? no V10?) that propells it to 60mph in 3.7 seconds and on to 200mph, and comes complete with access to the company's test track — all for upward of $400,000. But is the Ascari KZ1 just another ho-hum, been-there-done-that supercar, or, with… » 9/06/05 8:45am 9/06/05 8:45am