Spy Photos: 2008 Jeep Liberty To Get Fabric Roof?

According to the folks so in love with Mopar, they're Allpar, the 2008 Jeep Liberty spy shots from the other day that I positively orgasmed over were missing a shot from a very key direction — up top. Here's why, according to spy shot mistress, Brenda Priddy:
» 10/20/06 3:44pm 10/20/06 3:44pm

Hmm, interesting. I'm not so sure how I feel about a…

Rumored! 2010 Iteration of Four-Door Chrysler 300 To Get Drop-Top Treatment?

Although specialty builder and supplier ASC Incorporated unveiled its Helios concept, a lattice-structured ragtop based on a 300C four-door sedan, at the Detroit show last year, word on the street is the German-American hybrid's rejected the ASC design due to cost considerations and feasability studies. Instead, … » 9/08/06 10:37am 9/08/06 10:37am