Live Shots Of Toyota Venza AS V By Five Axis Coming To SEMA

At the nearly-here SEMA »10/17/08 11:20am10/17/08 11:20am show this year, the number one super-best automaker from the land of the rising sun will be showing the AS V by Five Axis as part of to convince us the car isn't a funny-looking Camry wagon. The Venza AS V is one of those active lifestyle concepts with extreme sports equipment carriers, big…

Safe Sells: Nissan Introduces Latest Advanced Safety Vehicle

The Nissan boffins in Tokyo have introduced a new version of the ongoing safety-vehicle test bed. It's the ASV-4, based on a car we know in the US as the Infiniti M35 (aka Nissan Fuga). They've upped the tech ante, adding vehicle-to-vehicle communications that can alert a driver of potential threats to their motoring… »9/28/07 12:41pm9/28/07 12:41pm