Dealers Want to Sell You a Car in 60 Minutes or Less

For many buying a car is all-day event. There is the test-driving the negotiating, and the waiting...and more waiting. Some dealerships use this waiting tactic to wear you down so that you will just accept whatever terms they give you in order get the hell out of there. Other dealerships are realizing that a customer… »6/16/14 12:39pm6/16/14 12:39pm


Texas Used Car Dealer Has All Female Sales Staff

As a buyer's consultant, I talk with salespeople everyday and I can tell you there is a difference between dealing with a male or female, not better or worse...just different. So I can understand why car-buyers might be more comfortable with women when haggling for a deal. Victory Auto Smart in Victoria Texas, is… »6/11/14 3:33pm6/11/14 3:33pm

Toyota Dealership Tries "No Haggle Pricing"

You asked for it, now one dealership from the Penske auto-group is doing haggle pricing. Surprise Toyota in Phoenix Arizona, is experimenting with this fixed price approach to car buying. Automotive News spoke to General Manager Michael Faul about being different from his competition, "We don't want the… »6/09/14 1:03pm6/09/14 1:03pm

Dealerships Say Gov't Regulations Cost Billions, Raise Prices

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) recently published a report entitled, "The Impact of Federal Regulations on Franchised Automobile Dealerships." According to the findings, dealerships across the nation spent a total of 3.2 billion to comply with government regulations. Some dealerships claim that… »6/06/14 12:49pm6/06/14 12:49pm

Dealerships Making More Money Selling Warranties and Service Plans

Not long ago I wrote a piece called ,"Back Room Deals: Extended Warranties, Service Plans, and Other Extras." For the first time I started to get some nasty messages from car-dealers, specifically "finance managers." I was accused of "deceiving customers" and "giving bad advice." Now let me reiterate that at no point… »5/29/14 10:14am5/29/14 10:14am

Lost in the Crowd: Dodge Dart GT

Some cars are the best in their respective class and rightly get all the press. Others are poor offerings and no one talks about them. But some are just "pretty good" and even though they might not be your first choice they can offer a nice value for your money. Welcome to Lost in the Crowd...were I will highlight a… »5/28/14 10:22am5/28/14 10:22am

Honda Delays '15 Fit Deliveries, Possibly to Avoid Recall

The all new 2015 Honda Fit was supposed to hit dealerships on April 14, but Honda is holding back deliveries. Initial reviews of the refreshed car has been overwhelmingly positive and it looks to be an evolutionary improvement over the last generation. Consumer Reports has investigated why we are not seeing the 15 Fit… »5/23/14 9:15am5/23/14 9:15am

Nissan, Here Is Your Chance To Get Young Buyers Again

During the sport-compact boom of the 90's early 2000's I was into Hondas. I had a 95' Prelude Si with some Altezza lights bro. But I remember Nissan having a nice variety of models for those of us looking for some cheap speed that was easily modified. Names like Sentra SE-R, NX, 240SX, even the Maxima made fine… »5/20/14 10:15am5/20/14 10:15am

Proposed California Law Would Require Recall Fixes for Used Cars

In the wake of the massive GM recall that encompasses millions vehicles, dealerships are bound to take in a large chunk of these cars and resell them. The L.A. Times reports that a proposed law in the California legislature wants to be sure that those cars are fixed before they are sold to buyers. Sen. Hannah-Beth… »5/17/14 3:16pm5/17/14 3:16pm

"Generation Connected" Looks for New Ways to Buy a Car

We live in a hyper-connected age, this digital domain has radically altered both our social interactions and our consumer behavior . Online shopping has revolutionized retail, and is changing perceptions on how cars should be bought and sold. Consulting firm Capgemini completed a comprehensive study of what young… »5/16/14 1:44pm5/16/14 1:44pm

Walmart car dealerships? It could happen...

I try to avoid shopping at Walmart whenever possible, not necessarily because of sociopolitical reasons, though my aunt did work there she described it as one step above indentured servitude. The reason I try to avoid Walmart is because NO ONE is helpful and it is difficult to find what I want. Also, I swear that on… »5/01/14 11:19am5/01/14 11:19am

Ford and Hyundai Top Brand Loyalty Index, VW Stumbles

In order for an automaker to be successful, they can't just sell a car to a customer once; they need to have a large percentage of repeat business. Owner loyalty is something that all brands try to cultivate, some automakers accomplish this with prestige and performance while others consistently deliver quality… »4/30/14 1:50pm4/30/14 1:50pm

Flawed Insurance Study Perpetuates Myth that Bigger is Safer

Parents ask me all the time to recommend a vehicle for their 1st time driver. I try to steer them in the way of a mid-size sedan, something along the lines of an Accord or Malibu. However, many parents are stuck in the mindset that they want their son or daughter driving the largest tank possible, because it is… »4/27/14 5:28pm4/27/14 5:28pm

If You Want "Affordable Performance," Sometimes it Pays to Wait

Since most of us don't have the cash for a 911 Turbo or a Jag F-type, we are big fans of hot-hatches and sport-compacts that fit within our modest budget. However, when these pocket-rockets first hit the market, often the law of supply and demand is not in our favor. The Focus ST, BRZ, and FRS, just to name a few,… »4/25/14 10:49am4/25/14 10:49am

Survey: Dealers Lack Knowledge and are Reluctant to Sell EV Cars

Elon Musk has maintained for the longest time that dealerships will sway people away from EVs and into gas cars. He says, " dealers have a fundamental conflict of interest between promoting gasoline cars, which constitute virtually all of their revenue, and electric cars, which constitute virtually none." »4/24/14 12:36pm4/24/14 12:36pm

The Truth About TrueCar Savings

Now more than ever, car buyers are craving that “no hassle” experience. They no longer want to deal with the “let me talk to my manager” back and forth in order to get a good price. Enter TrueCar, the website that is supposed to “bring more transparency to car-buying”, and even promises that you will “never overpay.” »4/10/14 11:22am4/10/14 11:22am