The One-Of-A-Kind 1961 Kelly Corvette Coupe Is Simply Wonderful

Finding a new car you've never heard of is always exciting, no matter if it's, say, an Angolan variant of an Oltcit Cub built under license by Perouda, or something equally uninspiring. But sometimes you stumble on something so remarkable you have no idea how it's eluded you for so long. That's the 1961 Kelly Corvette… »11/11/13 4:40pm11/11/13 4:40pm


Student Designs The Lincoln That Lincoln Should Be Building

Yesterday I decided to take a peek into the future of auto design. Usually, I do this with a combination of specially-purchased mushrooms and a drink my RV-dwelling uncle makes from methanol and a straw, but this time I decided on a new approach. I visited the Transportation Design Department at ArtCenter, arguably… »12/07/12 10:00am12/07/12 10:00am