That 650-Horsepower Polish Supercar Is Apparently Going To Be Built

The last time we heard from Polish supercar maker Arrinera, they may or may not have been a scam, but either way, a journalist was getting sued for calling them that. But I suppose that's all water under the bridge now, because Arrinera's car, the Arrinera Hussarya, finally has a timetable for production. »6/11/14 3:11pm6/11/14 3:11pm

Polish Supercar Boss Responds To Kit-Car Scam Allegations

Recently, an automotive journalist alleged the builder of the Polish Arrinera supercar appeared to passing off a Lamborghini replicar as its own product, possibly to work a stock-market angle for VENO S.A., an investor in the company. Today, Arrinera CEO Lukasz Tomkiewicz disputes the claim in an extensive statement. »5/28/12 10:00am5/28/12 10:00am