Bentley Arnage Final Series: Even Bigger Luxury For The Big "B"

When you're a brand all about exclusivity, what do you do when your flagship hits the end of a very exclusive run? Well, if you're Bentley, you take the last 150 cars and make them just a bit more exclusive. That's what the brand with the big "B" badge has done with this — the Bentley Arnage Final Series, an uber-luxe… »9/24/08 6:00am9/24/08 6:00am

Special Ed Bentley Continental, Arnage to Debut in Geneva

Whoops, we meant special edition. At Geneva this year, Bentley plans to party like it's 1946, with two 60th anniversary models, the Diamond Series Continental GT coup-ay and Arnage saloon. The production run of the two Corniche cruisers will reflect their relative exclusivity — 400 Continentals GT and 60 Arnag s —… »2/21/06 8:47am2/21/06 8:47am