A School District Bought An 18-Ton MRAP Because The World Is Insane

We live in a glorious country, America, where not only can police forces buy extremely armored vehicles, but they can equip themselves to the point where they are, for all and intents and purposes, armies. But why just limit that notion to police forces? Because a school district just bought its first armored behemoth. » 9/15/14 10:43am 9/15/14 10:43am

Why do America's police need an armored tank?

America's most in-demand police vehicle is a ten-officer 16,000-pound armored tank that takes bullets like Superman and drives 80 mph. The federal government buys dozens each year for local police departments. Do America's local police need tanks? » 2/03/11 3:30pm 2/03/11 3:30pm

Lenco BearCat

Milwaukee police use a BearCat and another armored vehicle to blockade a stolen SUV during a six-hour standoff. The two people inside the truck were taken into custody without injuries. » 2/02/11 1:58pm 2/02/11 1:58pm