Panhard's Crab May Just Be The Future Of Armored Scout Vehicles

From Foxtrot Alpha: France's military vehicle (and once upon a time carmaker) Panhard has set out to change the way the weapons industry looks at a scout vehicles with their new three person armored buggy that can pack one hell of a punch. They call it the Crab, and like its namesake it can even move sideways. »5/28/14 3:27pm5/28/14 3:27pm

This Armored Porsche Fires Bullets And Mines

Do you find the Porsche Cayenne to be sadly limited in its ability to kill people? Sure, you can run them over or toss them out of the back —but that's pretty much it. Yawn. Luckily, the dangerous loons over at International Armoring Corporation and Red Jacket Firearms (of the Discovery Channel Show, Sons of Guns) did… »5/03/12 4:00pm5/03/12 4:00pm