Your Car Is Delightful: 2006 Porsche Cayman Tops JD Power Top Ten List Of Most Appealing Vehicles

Yup, we know the kiddies love the lists — and Forbes/ForbesAutos readers love it when they can get all their information in table format. But seriously, WTF is JD Power, not to mention all of those Associates, thinking in placing a Scion tC and a Nissan Armada anywhere near the same list as a Porsche Cayman. Because… »9/14/06 1:34pm9/14/06 1:34pm


Ready to Wear: Marc Ecko, Nissan Team up on Pathfinder, Armada Customs

It was purely a matter of time before urban style impresario Marc Ecko teamed up with some SUVmaker or other to create a semi-private-label promo model. Word came down yesterday that it's Nissan that will get the street-cred infusion by association, as Ecko is customizing two of its SUVs, each of which will be hooked… »8/29/06 9:41am8/29/06 9:41am

Fodder for Armada: 2007 Nissan SUV Will Have E85 Compatability

Somewhere in the central US, another cornfield just gasped in horror. Nissan announced it will offer an E85-compatible Armada SUV in corn-belt states for 2007. The company's largest ute will join its sister ship, the 5.6-liter V8 powered Titan FFV pickup — launched in 2005 — in E85 suckage. Nissan's plans call for… »7/21/06 10:08am7/21/06 10:08am