Very High Man Understandably Confuses Car for Alien Spaceship

James Bushart, 44, of Arkansas, is apparently familiar with meth, but has never seen a Plymouth Prowler before. He was arrested this week for DWI and drugs after cops say he menaced a couple in the car—which he thought was a spaceship—and told them to take it back to their alien planet. » 6/20/14 2:19pm 6/20/14 2:19pm

Double-Barrelled Road Rage Action Not Covered by Car Insurance

Be forewarned, y'all who're gonna try to sue the insurance company of the guy who blasted through your plaster 'n' drywall like Charles Whitman rockin' it at near-point-blank after you pissed him off in traffic: an Arkansas court has ruled that gunfire can't be considered a car accident, even if it's levied from a… » 3/03/06 9:23pm 3/03/06 9:23pm

Deer Ewe: Bambi Okay to Hit, Cows, Horses not so Much

Due to a rash of deer-automobile collisions in the area, authorities in Southern Arkansas have issued the following advice: they recommend keeping one's head down and hitting the deer rather than swerving, as drivers have a tendency to lose control during such a maneuver and slam into an immovable object. However, if… » 11/30/05 6:30pm 11/30/05 6:30pm