Nissan's In Hot Water With Leaf Owners In Hot-Ass Arizona

This week marks the beginning of U.S. production for the 2013 Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, something the automaker excitedly announced in a press release today. But while workers in Smyrna, Tennessee gear up to make the cars and their batteries, a group of owners in Arizona say they're still angry with the way their… » 1/09/13 3:40pm 1/09/13 3:40pm

Arizona Man Gives the Best Description of a Car Crash Ever

A Phoenix man became trapped inside his SUV on Thursday after he lost control of the vehicle, causing it to roll over and strike a utility pole. In the process, the driver rear-ended another vehicle driven by a man named George Lindell, who later described the events to local Fox affiliate KSAZ-TV in this amazing… » 9/16/11 5:22am 9/16/11 5:22am

Man sentenced to 90 days in jail for shooting his car

An Arizona man received a 90 day sentence this past week for shooting his car twice after it failed to start. According to the Kingman Daily Miner, on April 13 Lauriano Lawrence Lovato fired two shots into the dashboard and windshield of his (you guessed it) Camaro in frustration after unsuccessfully trying to start… » 7/10/11 9:00am 7/10/11 9:00am