Virtually Tour The Cockpit Of The Once Top Secret Tacit Blue Stealth Tech Demonstrator 

Although Lockheed’s “Have Blue” prototype that eventually led to the F-117 Nighthawk is widely recognized as the grand daddy of stealth technology, Northrop’s Tacit Blue, aka “The Whale,” demonstrator arguably had an even greater impact on the future of stealth. Now, by clicking here you virtually tour the cockpit of…

Hillary Clinton Wants To Send A Task Force To Area 51 To Get The Lowdown On Aliens

Hillary Clinton had some out of this world comments when it came to America’s not so secret top-secret flight test center in southern Nevada known as Area 51. But her interest in the base does not seem to regard the next great breakthrough in air combat technology. Instead it is extraterrestrial in nature.

Book Reveals New Details About Stealth Black Hawks Used In Bin Laden Raid

In Sean Naylor’s new book Relentless Strike: The Secret History Of Joint Special Operations Command previously unknown details about the stealth Black Hawk helicopters that were used on Bin Laden raid in 2011 are discussed. According to Naylor, the exotic helicopters were test articles from a defunct program that has…

New Area 51 Satellite Imagery Shows Massive New Hangar Almost Finished

New images of America’s historic top-secret military aerospace testing facility have been posted at Terraserver. The base looks busier than ever, with no less than four “Janet” 737s and a turboprop on the terminal ramp. But the biggest change on base has to do with the new huge south-base hangar, which now appears…