Incredible Arcade Sim Will Let You Drive Every Batmobile

For all of the Batman games that have come and gone, very few have ever let you play with the Dark Knight's ultimate toy: The Batmobile. But that's all about to change thanks to this new arcade simulator from Raw Thrills and Specular Interactive that lets you drive almost everything in Batman's garage through theā€¦ » 9/28/13 10:32am 9/28/13 10:32am

Hacked Frogger Arcade Now Has You Dodging Real Traffic On Fifth Avenue

Believe it or not, Frogger has been skipping his way across busy highways for thirty years now. And to celebrate his anniversary, Tyler DeAngelo created this updated version of the arcade classic that now has the frog dodging the realtime traffic on New York's Fifth Avenue. » 4/19/12 3:15pm 4/19/12 3:15pm