Watch These Crazy Saudis Drift A Bus Full Of People In Traffic

Let's take a top heavy vehicle like a bus, and then go slide it around a busy highway. Let's make sure there are lots of people inside with no seatbelts. Let's leave the windows open. This is Hagwalah. » 6/14/12 1:30pm 6/14/12 1:30pm

Wait, Spectators of Saudi Arabian Street Drifting Are Nuts?

They call it hagwalah, and this is why it's the most reckless thing on the roads today — for spectators. Sheer chance stood between this guy and him being plowed into the dirt by a drifting Accord. Though, calling it drifting may be overstating the act by far wider a margin. » 5/22/12 2:00pm 5/22/12 2:00pm

M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” Video Brings Arab Drifting To The Masses

It's called hagwalah and nine times out of ten you've seen it in grainy cell phone video shot from the side of a Saudi highway, but now it's the high-def backdrop of M.I.A.'s surprisingly car-centric video, shot in the Middle East. » 2/03/12 1:00pm 2/03/12 1:00pm