Zap Releases Sketch Of ZAP-X, The 644 HP Crossover

Zap released a sketch of the new ZAP-X flagship crossover, which will feature electric in-hub motors with enough juice (664 HP) to propel the AWD mini-ute to 155 mph. As mentioned earlier, this vehicle is being developed on the Lotus Aluminum Performance Crossover platform. Though generally similar to the APX, this… » 3/19/07 4:16pm 3/19/07 4:16pm

Zap, Lotus Team Up on Electric Crossover SUV

Back when Lotus Engineering showed off its Aluminum Performance Crossover (APX) concept car at the Geneva show last year, most assumed it was a showcase for the company's new, lightweight architecture, and nothing more. But news hit the wire this morning that Lotus will use that crossover SUV as the basis for a joint… » 1/30/07 6:51am 1/30/07 6:51am