The 2015 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Twins Will Fulfill Your Naked Fantasies

The nice thing about being unencumbered by the restrictions of racing is you get to make things like these. It's our two new favorite naked sports bikes, the 2015 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR and its upgraded Factory sibling. » 11/05/14 3:30pm 11/05/14 3:30pm

​The Aprilia RSV4 RR Is A 201-HP Present To Itself

Aprilia just snagged both the rider and manufacturer titles at World Superbike, its sixth win in seven years, so it's treating itself – and us – to something nice. Meet the RSV4 RR, its most track-focused, engineering-intensive bike to date. » 11/04/14 4:50pm 11/04/14 4:50pm

How To Carve A Canyon, Two Wheels At A Time

Canyon carving, aka tickling your knee, isn't for the motorcycling noob. Many a would-be Valentino has found himself soaring headlong into the Santa Ana winds, on the way to being smashed into anchovy paste on the granite face of a San Jacinto batholith. Here's how not to do that. » 5/14/12 3:30pm 5/14/12 3:30pm

Italian motorcycle is as quick as the Space Shuttle

What can Aprilia's flagship superbike do better than the Space Shuttle? Stoplight races. The company's 180-hp RSV4 gets from zero to 60 mph two seconds quicker than it takes NASA's soon-to-be-retired spaceamino to do the same. Hey, rocket scientists, put that in your slide rules and perform a range of analog… » 7/08/11 9:30am 7/08/11 9:30am

The Nissan GT-R of motorcycles

The R35 Nissan GT-R proved one way to beat the world beaters is with better tech, not more power. Applying the same technique to half the wheels, Aprilia's RSV4 can launch, slide, shift and hold back wheelies for the rider. Godzillabike? » 6/14/11 8:01pm 6/14/11 8:01pm

Restoring a '37 Lancia Aprilia: How Hard Could It Be?

The answer: Restoring an original 1937 Aprilia Berlina is very, very hard (but worth every wad of $100 bills and gallon of sweat). I visited the legendary Conrad Stevenson's Alfa Romeo shop last weekend and found this work-of-art-in-progress there. » 7/04/10 3:00pm 7/04/10 3:00pm

Why Tom Cruise Needs A Fake Motorcycle

The Ducati motorcycle Tom Cruise rides in those annoying ESPN commercials isn't really a big, bad Ducati. It's just an Aprilia sportbike disguised as one. Wes Siler of Hell for Leather Magazine explains why. » 6/30/10 12:15pm 6/30/10 12:15pm

2010 Aprilia RSV4 R, Reviewed

Earlier this week, Hell For Leather published the very first review of the Aprilia RSV4 R, the race-bred, V4-engineed Italian superbike that, at $15,999, you can actually afford. What's it like? Challenging. [HFL] » 10/30/09 3:30pm 10/30/09 3:30pm

Stop/Action: An Explosive Motorcycle Ride Frozen In Time

Stop/Action, an art exhibit put together by three of my friends and I, and opening tomorrow in Brooklyn, is a frozen portrait of an explosive motorcycle ride. » 10/01/09 1:30pm 10/01/09 1:30pm

Megan Fox Takes Shia LaBeouf For An Aprilia Ride In Transformers 2

These pictures prove once and for all Shia LaBeouf is undeserving of Megan Fox's attentions in Transformers 2. More relationship-dominating Megan in leather, with obligatory Aprilia cycle, below. » 6/11/09 7:15pm 6/11/09 7:15pm

Aprilia Races RSV 1000 R With Transformers Livery, First Sign Of Human…

The Aprilia RSV 1000 R raced under Transformers 2 livery at Road America this weekend. An indication of another Aprilia product placement or the first step in a robotic war to enslave humanity? » 6/08/09 10:30am 6/08/09 10:30am

The Concorso d’Eleganza is Huge Fun (If You Don’t Take it Too Seriously)

Old guys in polo shirts nurturing vintage Ferraris? Industry people showing off concepts which will never get built? What's the point? Not much: but it's a great way to spend a weekend in Italy. » 5/01/09 12:00pm 5/01/09 12:00pm

Oh My: Aprilia V4 Produces 220 Horsepower

It's been the talk among kneedraggers since Aprilia announced its development last year. It's the moto maker's new, 1000 cc V4, and it's giving motorcycle- engine geeks a new reason to engage in cocktail-party speculation. The latest from Aprilia is that the V4 is undergoing durability testing in four tuning stages,… » 10/08/07 8:45am 10/08/07 8:45am