What April Fools Day Automotive Headline Do You Want To Read?

Instead of wowing you with our story about the return of the Pontiac Aztec for 2015 or reporting this time the El Camino is actually returning to the US for real (we would never actually joke about such a thing) this April Fools Day we want to hear your idea of the perfect fake automotive story. » 4/01/12 9:00am 4/01/12 9:00am

The Jalopnik Guide To The Car Industry's April Fool's Pranks

Automotive PR people use April 1st as an excuse to issue fake press releases and get revenge on journalists who do things like telling people to "point and laugh" at their cars. This is our guide to this year's goofiness. » 4/01/10 4:00pm 4/01/10 4:00pm

Times Of India Thinks BMW CRAPS Is For Real

If you remember back on April 1st of this year, that hallowed day of sight gags and outright lies known as April Fools' Day, we ran a piece about BMW's war on dog pee. Yes, the electrified wheels invented by the UK's Metro » 8/25/08 2:45pm 8/25/08 2:45pm and coined the "anine epellent lloy rotection ystem" was part of our , but somehow, the picked…