Water-Cooled T-Shirt Makes Air Conditioning Obsolete

We're well aware of water cooling in engines, and hell, even in computers, but a water-cooled t-shirt isn't such a common idea. The Club System 24 is a t-shirt that is wrapped with eight feet of double insulated hose that flows cool water around the body keeping you nice and relaxed in that sweltering-hot car. The… » 5/05/08 3:40pm 5/05/08 3:40pm

Range Rover Eyewear Is Flat, Boxy

Today's episode of Auto Branding Adventures sees a new challenger join the fray: Land Rover. Land Rover has gone and slapped its name on 40 different models of sunglasses and eye wear. Like traditional Land Rover design, the sunglasses are pretty flat and boxy. » 4/10/08 5:15pm 4/10/08 5:15pm

Adventures In Branding: Porsche Sunglasses

In today's episode of "Branding Shenanigans," we encounter Porsche, fresh off a branding adventure with cohort Ferrari. Back at the lab, Porsche notices that the blinding sun stills makes it hard to drive and commences an update to its sunglasses line, which got it start in the feathered-hair 1970s and logged an… » 2/14/08 2:45pm 2/14/08 2:45pm