BMW i Remote Will Be The First Car App For The Apple Watch

It won't take much for developers to port existing iOS apps over to the Apple Watch, and it looks like BMW is the first out of the gate with its i Remote App for the i3 and i8. » 3/09/15 3:11pm 3/09/15 3:11pm

Trapster 5.0 Lets You Track The Cops In 3D

Our favorite speed trap-tracking app has just given itself a complete overhaul. Trapster 5.0 is complete, with a new interface, 3D tracking and day/night modes. It should all make it easier to stay one step ahead of your next ticket. » 6/15/12 12:30pm 6/15/12 12:30pm

Trapster removes all DUI checkpoints

In response to Apple banning DUI checkpoint apps, automotive app Trapster pulled the checkpoint alerts from their program, although they say they still "believe the inclusion of DUI checkpoints is a positive deterrent." » 6/13/11 2:00pm 6/13/11 2:00pm

Buying a car at auction? There's an app for that

Ever sitting at an auction wondering if that low-mileage Merkur XR4Ti is really worth $15K? The Chubb insurance group's put together the Classic Car Guide app for iPhone/iPad users, providing localized comparable sales. Also, no non-racing Merkur is worth $15K. » 3/18/11 4:00pm 3/18/11 4:00pm

iRadar Device and iPhone App Provide Easy 360 Degree Laser and Radar…

The iRadar smart detection system integrates with its free app to provide visual alerts and notifications for speed and redlight cameras, dangerous intersections, and known speed traps. It detects all radar and laser guns, so no nasty surprises on your road-trip. » 10/30/10 11:30am 10/30/10 11:30am

How To Avoid Speed Traps, Brushfires, And Friends With Your iPhone

Mobile app Trapster just rolled out its 4.0 release and added new features to help users log roadtrips, locate friends, better avoid tickets, and get around rockslides. Even the police are pitching in to aid (and slow) your commute. » 2/25/10 2:30pm 2/25/10 2:30pm