The Fixed Mast Antenna Going The Way Of The Dodo Bird, Scripted Television

More and more we've been seeing less and less of the classic fixed mast/pole/stick antennae that once served as evidence of our country's love of the radio. Now that we're migrating towards satellite radio, MP3s and DVDs, the metal mast antenna is being replaced by the smaller in-glass models or sleeker roof-mounted… »1/23/08 3:30pm1/23/08 3:30pm

Only in Japan: RaySat Introduces World's Smallest Vehicle Antenna for Satellite TV

Automotive satellite TV antenna developer RaySat introduced its super-small TeleRay antenna at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas today. Sorry kids, it's only for Japanese BS/CS sat broadcasts aired domestically. Small enough for the roof of a keicar, the pizza-sized antenna, just one-inch thick and 16… »1/03/06 11:50am1/03/06 11:50am